EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Shoe Cupcakes

This week I decided to make the caramel vanilla bourbon cupcakes again. I also decided to use the same buttercream recipe I have been using the past few weeks. I once again used all 12 cupcakes and did not get to freeze any. I am okay with this, as I have so many other flavours I want to try to make. The problem with this is that I end up with so many cupcakes however, good thing I have friends that are willing to help eat them! All week I was not really sure how I wanted to decorate my cupcakes since I have gone away from my original cupcake themes for each week. My mom was helping me look on Pintrest and she found shoe cupcakes. Being that I love shoes I thought this would be fun! When using pinterest in the past I would look at the first picture and never go into the actual website or blog. This has since changed, as I have started to dig deeper into the pictures I have found on pinterest and see where they are coming from and if there is more information that can help me. I found this to be very helpful when making my shoe cupcakes as there was actually a video on how to make the shoes. Without using the site and watching her video, I would not have really known where to start in making these shoe cupcakes. In order to make them I have to get a cookie to use for the sole of the shoe and then a cone for the heel. I ended up cutting the top of the cone and making it on an angle so it would attach easily. I started by piping the cupcakes and then attaching the cone to the cookie and carefully placing it to the cupcake. I needed to add more icing to help keep the heel standing. Overall they were not too hard to do. I am happy with how they turned out but wish they would have looked a little neater. I am thinking that I used the wrong piping tools for this, I should have used the same tool as in the picture but I wanted to change it a bit. The tool I used worked okay but it did not allow for enough icing to go on the cupcake. I needed a thick amount of icing to keep the heel attached. If I was to try this again, I will definitely be using a different tool to help make them look neater. 

5 thoughts on “Shoe Cupcakes

  1. Those cupcakes look amazing, great work Selina! What is the greatest improvement you have seen in yourself since the beginning of this project? Is the prep process starting to take less time or is the end product getting better? Keep up the good work, everything looks awesome!

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    1. I think the biggest thing I have seen is the end product getting better and it helped once I found the right buttercream! The prep work for the buttercream is getting a little faster as I am not having to look back the recipe over and over.


  2. Those cupcakes look great! I really liked that you also included a video in your post, as well as a picture of your final result. I also love shoes, so making cupcakes of something you like is such a good idea. Keep it up!

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  3. Wow, these cupcakes turned out awesome! I have actually never seen anyone design cupcakes like these before! I look how you added in a cone for the heel, it really added a nice touch! Keep up the great work I can’t wait to see what other cupcakes you design

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