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What we See in SeeSaw

* This conversation takes place during a three-way conference between a parent, student, and teacher to introduce a new tool being used in the classroom. *

Teacher – Welcome, to our Grade 1 classroom. This past week I have introduced SeeSaw to the class to give the students a chance to get familiar using it. I’d like to start this conference by giving you an introduction to how SeeSaw will be used in our classroom. After I have given the introduction, I will give you the opportunity to express any questions or concerns you may have about this new form of technology.

Parent – Sounds great! 

Teacher – In our classroom, SeeSaw will be used to document and share the progress of your child’s learning journey. You will be able to view pictures of what we are doing in our classroom from any device as well as interact with the posts, including commenting on different posts that your child is involved in. I have a video here that gives a brief overview on what SeeSaw is, after the video is finished, I will open up the floor to you! 

Teacher – After viewing the video, what are some questions, concerns, or just general comments that you have about SeeSaw? 

Parent – I love how I will be able to see pictures of my child and her progress throughout the day, but I have many concerns being that this is a form of social media. The biggest concern I have would be if I or another parent didn’t want my child to be included in the pictures/videos, how will this impact your use of SeeSaw? 

Teacher – In order for a child to be included in any form of media at school, we require their media release form to be signed by a parent/guardian. If that form is not signed, your child will still be included in the process of taking the photos, but she will be “blurred out” so that you can’t tell who it is. Something I want to stress about SeeSaw is that the only people who will be able to see the pictures/videos, are the people within our classroom, as well as their families.

Parent – If only the student’s and their families can see the media, who will be able to post on SeeSaw?

Teacher – The teacher, parents, and students will all be able to post, but the extent to what they are able to post varies. I will be able to post announcements, pictures, etc. to everyone, where as parents are only able to comment on those posts as well as message the teacher directly. Students will also be able to post pictures and comments, but for the most part in our classroom I will do the majority of the posting. Everything posted on SeeSaw must also be approved by me, but I think now would be a good time to focus on your child’s view of SeeSaw. 

Teacher (directly to student) – What do you like most about SeeSaw?

Student – I like being able to share my work with my family. It is a lot of fun to take pictures on the iPads. 

Parent – Okay, I like how it seems like my child’s privacy will be protected. How do you want me to communicate with you from now on? Should I be using SeeSaw or continue to email you?

Teacher – Personally, I prefer SeeSaw as the line of communication, but you can email me as well. SeeSaw messages go directly to my phone, so I get your message right away. The message you send will be sent directly to me, just like an email. No other parents will see it.

Parent – Will I be able to contact other parents through this app?

Teacher – No, this is specifically for the teacher to be able to share what we are doing at school with families, as well as important announcements. This will help to keep this platform specifically for in school learning, not extra-curricular “chat” between families. 

Parent – What type of information will you, as the teacher, post on SeeSaw? Aside from pictures of what my child is doing throughout the day.

Student – I think the teacher should post pictures of her dog!

Teacher – Not necessarily, remember how we talked about making sure that the pictures we post, relate to what we are learning in school. So, do you think we should post pictures of our pets? 

Student – No, maybe you should post a picture of something we learned in class.

Teacher – Yeah, that would be a much better idea. I will also post information such as progress updates, classroom celebrations, events that are happening within the school, etc. 

Parent – If you are using SeeSaw as a main form of communication, what happens if there is a family that doesn’t have access to the app?

Teacher – Important messages will still be sent home through agenda messages and newsletters, but most families do have access to technology, whether it’s a cellphone, public library computer, home laptop, etc. 

Parent – The last question I have is will SeeSaw take away from my child’s learning?

Teacher – If anything, SeeSaw should add to your child’s learning as it will be easier for you to connect with your child about what they are doing at school. I will also use SeeSaw as a way to check in with each child during certain assignments. As for when I will moderate these posts, that will be done during my own time. You and your family will be able to have access to SeeSaw through different accounts, as SeeSaw allows up to ten family members per child.  

Student – Will Grandma be able to join?!

Teacher – Yes! If your parents are willing to set your Grandma up on SeeSaw, Grandma will be able to see everything you’re learning at school.Parent – Grandma will love being able to see everything you’re doing at school! I understand now why you want to use SeeSaw in your classroom. Thank you so much for allowing me to address my concerns about this new form of technology.

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