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My Thoughts on Twitter

Before this class, I was not a user of Twitter. I also did not think about getting it, so this was all new for me. I have always thought of Twitter as just a social media app for meaningless interactions, never for professional use. My opinion of twitter has since changed. I am now able to understand the benefits of having it and using it to connect with other teachers. It can get overwhelming with having new tweets and articles coming up all day, but I like how I am then able to go through and find what interests me and can add to my education. 

I have not yet used Twitter in the classroom as this semester is my first time using Twitter. I have since learned how you can connect with other educators from all over with the use of Twitter. When using Twitter you are able to find a range of topics and can search for new ideas with the use of hashtags. Before I just thought hashtags were something young people would use to look cool, I have since learned the benefits of them. If you are wanting to find something related to grade one you can search #gradeone this will then take you to a range of posts related to grade one along with some beneficial pages. When doing this it allowed me to find a community of practice page for Regina Public School. @GradeOneCoP.

This past week we got to take part in a Twitter chat. When I was first told about this I was very concerned about taking part in this as I was not yet fully comfortable actually posting a tweet. This turned out to be a very engaging experience as once again we got to connect with other educators and it was not as fast past and overwhelming as I originally thought. I really liked being able to hear others’ opinions and thoughts on the questions. I enjoyed seeing what people had to say especially on the questions I was unsure about. I hope I get the chance to be part of a Twitter chat again as it was an amazing learning opportunity, especially as a student that is getting ready to start their teaching career! 


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